BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management (LEARNING)



Delivery Mode

Face to Face

Course Duration

Total weeks

Tuition weeks

104 including holidays


Course Duration

Total weeks 104 including holidays

Tuition weeks 72

Course Structure

Total Number of units

Core units





Course Structure

Total Number of units: 8

Core units: 3

Electives: 5

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply highly specialised knowledge and skills in the field of organisational learning and capability development. Individuals in these roles generate and evaluate complex ideas. They also initiate, design and execute major learning and development functions within an organisation. Typically, they would have full responsibility and accountability for the personal output and work of others.


This qualification may apply to leaders and managers in an organisation where learning is used to build organisational capability. The job roles that relate to this qualification may also include RTO Manager and RTO Director.

Core Units:

BSBHRM613 – Contribute to the development of learning and development strategies

BSBLDR811 – Lead strategic transformation

TAELED803 – Implement improved learning practice

Elective Units:

BSBCRT611 – Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving

BSBLDR601 – Lead and manage organisational change

BSBLDR812 – Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships

BSBSTR801 – Lead innovative thinking and practice

PSPMGT012 – Facilitate knowledge management

Evidence gathering technique used for this course:

  • Direct observation, role-plays written/verbal questioning, interviews and self-evaluations, case studies, projects, assignments are used to assess required knowledge and skills
  • Combination of practical and written exercises.

Study Pathways

The further study pathways available to learners who undertake this qualification include:

  • Master’s degree in a related discipline.


Employment Pathways

Employment pathways are available to students who complete this qualification in:

  • RTO Manager
  • Career Development Manager (Education Sector),
  • RTO Education Advisor

The specific course entry requirements are:

  • All students entering this course must have completed Year 12 or its equivalent. Candidates will be made aware of the specific skills that underpin the outcomes and performance.
  • Students with no formal qualifications are required to successfully complete the LLN test and meet with the Training Manager to be admitted.
  • Overseas students must demonstrate English language proficiency of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.
  • Overseas students can only enroll face to face 20 hours per week.

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